An enjoyably different take on match-3 puzzling combined with a foul-mouthed, acid-witted dating sim, HuniePop is a wonderful fusion of Japanese-style artwork with distinctively Western-style abrasive humour.

Developer: HuniePot
Publisher: HuniePot
Available on: Windows PC/Mac/Linux (all-ages), Windows PC/Mac/Linux (18+)

Articles about HuniePop

Puzzler Essentials: HuniePop - HuniePop from Ryan Koons’ studio HuniePot was partly developed as a sort of “protest” game: an attempt to fight back against the growing trend of political correctness that was starting to take root in the games industry. There was clearly demand for such a game, even back in late 2013; a successful Kickstarter campaign allowed … Continue reading Puzzler Essentials: HuniePop



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