Azure Striker Gunvolt

A modern-day take on 16-bit supercharged platformers, Azure Striker Gunvolt combines action platforming with RPG and crafting elements to create a challenging, beautiful experience and tell a compelling superhero story.

Developer: Inti Creates
Publisher: Inti Creates
Available on: 3DS, Switch, PC

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Azure Striker Gunvolt: An Electrifying Action Platformer - As we’ve already seen, one of Inti Creates’ biggest strengths as a developer is its ability to understand what made the games of the past great while simultaneously updating them with modern conveniences and conventions. Azure Striker Gunvolt, a relatively new series from the company but one which has already gone on to be popular and … Continue reading Azure Striker Gunvolt: An Electrifying Action Platformer

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Tips and Tricks

True Ending
To get the True ending to the game, you need to find a number of hidden Jewels scattered throughout some of the levels, and show each one to Joule as you find it. Once you’ve given her all seven Jewels, she will give you a pendant that she has made from them. Complete the last stage while wearing this pendant for the True Ending; note that the pendant disables Prevasion, so be careful!

Here’s where all the jewels are hidden. Info via GameFAQs:

Subaquatic Base: In the section that gradually floods, it’s in plain sight (though easily missed, as you’ll likely be rushing through this section) behind a missile-pod enemy on the right hand side in the third upward climb segment, after the corridor with the shutters.

Data Center: When you reach a large downhill conveyor belt with electromagnets above you, dash and hold Flash Field to float along the ceiling until you reach the gem.

Media Tower: In the second area and just before the Hexapyle to the third, drop through the thin platform you land on after a series of catapults instead of heading for the Hexapyle. Use your Flash Field to float down to the left and find the jewel.

Stratacombs: In the third dark zone, descend the zigzag staircases and activate the red switch. Head back up the stairs and into the top left corner of the room (you may need to double jump or air dash) to find the jewel, previously hidden behind a red laser gate.

Biochem Plant: This one’s a real goddamn pain. After the encounter room in which you fight off a swarm of enemies with a lava pit in the middle and conveyor belts either side, proceed onwards until you find a large pile of crates. Destroy the first two heavy boxes and the two light crates under the leftmost explosive box. Move into the gap and shoot the light crate next to where the one you just destroyed was. Shoot the explosive on the ground in front of you. Move up and tag the heavy box in front of the gem, then move away before using your Flash Field so you don’t accidentally destroy any other boxes. Finally, shoot the explosive box and you should be able to reach the jewel.

Pharma Lab: Just before the miniboss, the jewel is atop a breakable platform above some spikes, near a plant creature.

Sinner’s Row: In the second area, activate the first mirror, then head left and stay up top until you reach a floating platform that moves up and down. Activate the mirror on top of the building and head right until you reach a watertower. Defeat the enemies and climb the watertower using double-jumps to find the jewel.

Note that you can’t show Joule the jewels while she is… elsewhere, but once you’ve beaten the Normal ending you can go back and create the pendant.


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