An interactive short pixel-art film featuring an emotional narrative about coming of age under difficult circumstances, featuring five fantastic interactive homages to the golden age of arcades, and musical contributions from Yuzo Koshiro.

Developer: Hi-Bit Studios
Publisher: Hi-Bit Studios
Available on: Windows PC, PS4, Switch

Articles about 198X

The MoeGamer Podcast: Episode 34 – Acid Bass, Smack Around the Face - Pete and Chris kick off a new year of podcasts with a catch-up session on the gaming news of early 2020, conversation about their recent gaming life and an in-depth discussion regarding the golden age of the beat 'em up.
198X: Retro Games as Art - “Art games” have a somewhat polarising reputation among the broader gaming community. Some love how far creators are willing to stretch the definition of “game” in order to tell a story or explore a theme; others feel like these titles are a boring waste of time. I’ve gone back and forth a bit on this … Continue reading 198X: Retro Games as Art


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