The MoeGamer Podcast: Episode 48 – A Certain Roguish Charm

Welcome to a brand new podcast episode! Sorry it’s been so long, but life has been a tad chaotic (in a good way!) for both of us. But here we are again! Today I am joined, as always, by my good friend and confidant Chris Caskie of CCaskieArt.

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Enjoy the podcast in video and audio formats below:

And hit the jump for show notes!

Today we kick off with a roundup of some of the gaming news that has caught our respective eyes over the course of the last couple of months. Since it’s a while since we’ve had a chance to record, we have a fair bit to talk about; some of it’s old news at this point, but there are still things worth discussing!

Then we move on to what we’ve been playing of late. We’ve both been enjoying Hades, but decided to talk about that separately from our main topic of the episode, even though it would have fit right in. It will, of course, be no surprise for you to hear that I have been playing Atelier Shallie.

Finally, our big discussion for this episode is on the subject of action roguelikes. We’ve kept our definition of that deliberately broad so we can explore a wide variety of games — our only requirements were that they played in real time and featured a significant procedurally generated element, plus a sense of loss when you messed up.

Hope you enjoy the show! No idea when the next episode will be at this point, but we’ll try and be at least semi-regular!

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