The MoeGamer Podcast: Episode 8 – Sonic Sez

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s been a month of Sonic funtimes here on MoeGamer, so what better opportunity to discuss the series as a whole on a podcast?

Don’t forget the podcast is now available both on YouTube in its full video glory, and now as an audio-only version too. You can access this via Soundcloud, subscribe via RSS or look us up on several popular podcast platforms, including iTunes.

Or you can just hit the jump here to enjoy the show in both video and audio formats right here on MoeGamer.

In this episode, Chris and I spend a bit of time talking about the recent news that has caught our eyes and a brief moment discussing the non-Sonic games we’ve been checking out recently before launching into a lengthy discussion of the Sonic series as a whole.

We’re both strong believers in the Sonic series as a whole, and that a number of installments have been unfortunately overlooked as a result of popular opinion surrounding them being “bad”. Most notable among these for me are… well, watch or listen and find out for yourself!

The one thing both of us would like you to take away from this episode is that it’s important to judge things on their own merits rather than allowing your opinions to be coloured by hype, popular opinion or peer pressure. If something looks like a game you might enjoy… give it a go! You might just find yourself pleasantly surprised. And this applies not only to Sonic games, but to gaming in general.

Thanks for watching and/or listening, and we hope you enjoy the new show.

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