The MoeGamer Podcast: Episode 7 – Touching is Good

It’s a slightly belated new episode of the MoeGamer Podcast!

Both Chris and I had some unfortunate technical issues with our previous attempt to record this podcast, so we ended up having to do it all over again. We present to you the Definitive Edition of this particular episode!

I’m also pleased to announce that there is now an audio-only version of the podcast available on Soundcloud, and it’s been submitted to iTunes and a few other places. The show will continue to be presented in video format here and on YouTube as well, so if you enjoy watching as well as listening, never fear.

In this episode, we spend a bit of time talking about the situation with EmuParadise and TheISOZone and what that means for game preservation — be sure to check out our full episode on this subject if you haven’t already — before moving on to what we’ve been playing recently, and finally the main feature: an extensive, passionate discussion of the Nintendo DS.

As always, we very much hope you enjoy the show! We had a blast recording it, and I had a lot of fun editing it. Please support the show on YouTube and/or Soundcloud, and let us know if you have any topics you’d be interested to hear us discuss sometime!

Pop this link into your favourite podcast app to subscribe to the audio-only version of the podcast.

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