The MoeGamer Podcast: Episode 4 – Servant to the Gacha

A week later than originally intended, here’s the fourth episode of The MoeGamer Podcast!

We’re a week late because last weekend I’d been struck down by some sort of hideous plague that made me want to go to bed at 2pm in the afternoon and just not get up for most of the weekend. Thankfully that appears to have mostly passed! Stupid summer flu.

Chris unfortunately wasn’t available to join the discussion this week for non-illness-related reasons, so instead I’m joined by a special guest: Joe, host of EriChannel over on Twitch! Hit the jump for the episode and synopsis.

EDIT: The episode is back up under a new YouTube ID! Thanks for your patience and understanding. Hit the jump to watch/listen.

Today, Joe and I discuss a variety of topics, including some of the things that caught our respective eyes at E3, what we’ve been playing recently and the allure of “gacha” games on mobile such as Fate/Grand Order.

With Fate/Grand Order coming up on the first anniversary of its launch in North America (and still no official European release!) it seemed like a good time to talk about this popular mechanic, why it’s appealing and why some people might be a bit resistant to it.

We also touch on a variety of games, including Joe’s Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta run, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Shantae and more.

Original music is by watson/MusMus.

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