Zero Gunner 2-

Nintendo Switch port of Psikyo’s 2001 shoot em up Zero Gunner 2, originally released for arcade and Dreamcast. Features the unusual ability to face and fire in any direction rather than only straight up or across the screen. Part of Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha.

Developer: Psikyo
Publisher: NIS America
Available on: Switch (individually or as part of Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha)

Articles about Zero Gunner 2-

Zero Gunner 2-: Making a Classic Affordable - Anyone interested in collecting video games has doubtless run into the issue of certain titles from previous console generations commanding astronomical prices. There are numerous reasons this might happen — perhaps the game had a very limited print run; perhaps it only came out in certain territories or perhaps it had problems with distribution when … Continue reading Zero Gunner 2-: Making a Classic Affordable


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