A coffee-break roguelike based on Japanese mythology that allows you to play as a sentient umbrella with a big tongue on a quest to lick every yōkai in sight. Or, you know, some other things too.

Developer: Kemco
Publisher: Kemco
Available on: Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android

Articles about Yōdanji

Yodanji: Stabby Weasels and Licky Umbrellas - Every now and then, I like to trawl through Nintendo’s various digital marketplaces to see if anything interesting catches my eye. The most bounteous sources of unusual and cheap Nintendo- based entertainment to date have been the 3DS eShop, which brought us games such as the highly unusual but thoroughly compelling Puzzle Labyrinth, and the Switch’s … Continue reading Yodanji: Stabby Weasels and Licky Umbrellas


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