Strikers 1945 III

Also known as Strikers 1999. Modern-day (well, 1999) fighter planes meet giant metallic mechs. Even more explosions ensue in this challenging and satisfying traditional vertical scroller from Psikyo… now with added Technical Bonuses, vastly increased difficulty and medal chaining mechanics!

Developer: Psikyo
Publisher: Various
Available on: Arcade, Switch (as part of Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha)

Articles about Strikers 1945 III

The MoeGamer Podcast: Episode 36 – Psikyo’s Shooting Stars - Pete and Chris explore the two Psikyo Shooting Stars collections for Nintendo Switch. Plus all the usual news and "what we've been playing" discussion.
Strikers 1945 III: Leaving on a Jet Plane - Strikers 1945 III, also known as Strikers 1999, does things a little bit differently to its two predecessors. Not a lot differently, mind, but enough to make it a distinctive experience. For starters, we’ve shot 54 years into the “future” — well, more accurately, what was the “present day”, since this game actually released for … Continue reading Strikers 1945 III: Leaving on a Jet Plane


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