Skies of Arcadia

One of relatively few RPG releases on the Dreamcast (and subsequently Gamecube), Skies of Arcadia features an imaginative world filled with skyfaring pirates, airborne “naval” combat and some strong, memorable characters. While something of a forgotten classic these days thanks to a lack of modern ports, its influence can still be felt in titles such as Granblue Fantasy.

Developer: Overworks
Publisher: Sega
Available on: Dreamcast, Gamecube

Articles about Skies of Arcadia

From the Archives: Flying High in the Sky - There was a period in my life where I happily devoured every single JRPG I came across to the exclusion of almost all other types of game. To be perfectly frank, I’m pretty much back in that situation now after a few years of feeling “obliged” to play the big triple-A games that everyone was … Continue reading From the Archives: Flying High in the Sky


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