RPG Maker MV

RPG Maker goes cross-platform! This installment of the long-running series of game creation tools features JavaScript plugins, output to Windows, Mac OS, mobile and HTML5… plus the ease of use and massive customisability past installments have become legendary for. Get started making your own games today!

Developer: Kadokawa
Publisher: Degica
Available on: Windows PC/Mac/Linux

Cover Game Articles

RPG Maker MV: Introduction and History - Ever thought of making your own games? RPG Maker makes it easy to do so, and with latest incarnation MV you can even take your projects multiplatform!
RPG Maker MV: Basic Mapping - Let's make a game! Well, part of one, anyway; specifically, let's make some maps!
RPG Maker MV: Getting Started with Events - RPG Maker's powerful Event system is how you breathe life into your work. So let's see how to get some common things done!
RPG Maker MV: All About Plugins - Banging your head against the limitations of RPG Maker's basic engine? Then it's time you learned how to use Plug-Ins, one of the most powerful features in the software.

Other Articles about RPG Maker MV

Visual Novel Maker: First Look - Over the course of several upcoming articles, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at Degica’s Visual Novel Maker, a new addition to the lineup of game creation software available for home computers. At the time of writing, the software isn’t yet on sale and I’ve only just started spending some time with it, … Continue reading Visual Novel Maker: First Look


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