Beginning life as little more than a collection of artwork and erotic comics, Sayori and Nekoworks’ Nekopara has subsequently become a worldwide phenomenon and a successful series of comedic slice of life visual novels, showing no signs of slowing down. Particularly noteworthy for its stunning “E-Mote” system, which brings 2D character sprites to life with natural-looking animations and body language.

Developer: Nekoworks
Publisher: Sekai Project, Denpasoft
Available on: Windows PC (all-ages), Windows PC (18+): vol. 1, vol. 2, vol. 3. Vol. 0 is all-ages only.

Cover Game Articles

Nekopara: Introduction - Nekopara is one of the most prominent examples of the catgirl phenomenon seeing a certain amount of mainstream success. But where did the whole catgirl thing come from in the first place?
Nekopara: The Story Begins - Nekopara was the first time we saw Sayori's series in the West, but it wasn't where the series began. Let's take a look at its origins, and how that built into the first volume of the visual novels.
Nekopara: A Day in the Life of Some Cats - Nekopara fandisc vol. 0 explores the daily lives of the series' iconic catgirls before the main narrative gets underway. It's a charming way to get to know these girls a bit better.
Nekopara: Honesty is the Best Policy - Most of the Nekopara series is designed around the concept of honesty being the best policy -- but this is particularly apparent in the second volume, which focuses on Azuki and Coconut.
Nekopara: Staying True to Yourself - Nekopara's third volume, which focuses on Cinnamon and Maple, further explores the concept of honesty from the perspective of being honest and true to yourself and your own desires.
Nekopara Vol. 4: The Smiles on Everyone’s Faces - With the six Minaduki catgirls all having learned important lessons over the course of the previous volumes, our protagonist Kashou still has a few things to learn himself. Nekopara Vol. 4 is all about his personal journey to define himself.

Other Articles about Nekopara

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28 thoughts on “Nekopara”

    1. Big fan, Pete! Played through quite a few visual novels, Steins Gate and Sweet Home being a couple of my favorites. Just curious enough about this one to give it a shot. Cheers!


    1. Big fan, Pete! Played through quite a few visual novels, Steins Gate and Sweet Home being a couple of my favorites. Just curious enough about this one to give it a shot. Cheers!


    1. I actually have Song of Saya in my disk drive at the moment. Your story of the origins of Nekopara reminds me a bit of what C3 Systems has been doing with their Cthulhu Mythos inspired characters (particularly the Mythos girls characters and art I’ve seen lately). No VN from them yet, but it’s been interesting watching them develop the characters.

      Of course, we already have a perfectly acceptable Mythos VN in the form of Demonbane.

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  1. I already have Vol.1 & 0, but during the last sale i forgot to buy anything, this might be the perfect opportunity to finally play all of them in one go.

    Liked by 1 person

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