Libble Rabble

First of Namco’s games to use the 16-bit Motorola 68000 processor. A highly unusual twin-stick puzzler by the creator of Pac-Man and Pole Position, and a game that would later go on to indirectly inspire PlatinumGames’ Astral Chain.

Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Available on: Arcade, Super Famicom, Sharp X68000, FM Towns Marty, Wii

Articles about Libble Rabble

Namco Essentials: Libble Rabble - At the time of writing, people are getting seriously excited for PlatinumGames’ next release, Astral Chain — and with good reason! As the release approaches, we’re starting to learn more and more about the game: what we can expect from it, what sort of experience it will be and what its main inspirations are. In … Continue reading Namco Essentials: Libble Rabble


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