Inertial Drift

A new take on arcade racers, built specifically for twin-stick gamepads rather than steering wheels. Let’s get drifting!

Developer: Level 91 Entertainment
Publisher: PQube
Available on: Windows PC (Demo)

Articles about Inertial Drift

short;Play: Inertial Drift - What do you mean it sounds a bit like “Initial D”? Completely coincidental, I’m sure. Inertial Drift is a brand new arcade racer with an unusual but highly effective twin-stick control scheme. It’s a ton of fun that channels some serious ’90s energy, and proof if proof were needed that indie devs are on point when … Continue reading short;Play: Inertial Drift
The MoeGamer Podcast: Episode 43 – Brake for the Snake - Pete and Chris chat about 3D arcade racers from over the years, including how the genre has evolved and split off in several different directions. Plus all the usual news and "what we've been playing" talk.
Inertial Drift Sunset Prologue: A Bold New Take on Arcade Racing - I love me a slippery-slidy, drift-centric arcade racer, as you’ll know very well if you followed the extensive Ridge Racer Cover Game feature from a while back, or indeed were kind enough to watch my playthrough of Split/Second Velocity on YouTube. As such, I was immediately interested when PQube announced its upcoming racer Inertial Drift, developed by … Continue reading Inertial Drift Sunset Prologue: A Bold New Take on Arcade Racing


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