Shoot ’em up sequel to Trizeal. Features four very different ships, each with their own scoring mechanics. Originally one half of Shooting Love. 2007 in arcades, then later one quarter of Shooting Love. 200X on Xbox 360, and now available either by itself or as part of the Shooting Love 20XX compilation on PC.

Developer: Triangle Service
Publisher: Degica
Available on: Windows PC, Xbox 360 (physical version is JP only and region-locked, available via Games on Demand in NA and EU)

Articles about Exzeal

Shmup Essentials: Exzeal - Triangle Service is not exactly what you’d call a household name in the shoot ’em up sector, but over the years they’ve been quietly beavering away to produce some enjoyable, addictive games. Probably their most well-known output is their Zeal series, which consists of XIIZeal (actually a port of a PS2-era shoot ’em up called XII Stag), ΔZeal (pronounced “Deltazeal”, not “Trianglezeal”, … Continue reading Shmup Essentials: Exzeal


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