Dungeon Explorer (PSP)

Also known as Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts in North America and Dungeon Explorer: Meiyaku no Tobira in Japan. Spiritual successor (and narrative prequel) to the PC Engine/Turbografx classic Dungeon Explorer, featuring randomised dungeons, a huge amount of character customisation and about a billion hours worth of stuff to do.

Developer: Hudson
Publisher: Rising Star Games
Available on: PSP

Articles about Dungeon Explorer

PSP Essentials: Dungeon Explorer - I enjoy beating games, particularly when they have a good story and especially when they have a dramatic finale. But sometimes it’s nice to have a game on hand that you can just dip in and out of pretty much indefinitely. Arcade-style games fill this niche pretty nicely, but it’s also cool when you find … Continue reading PSP Essentials: Dungeon Explorer


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