The MoeGamer Podcast: Episode 46 – A Brave New Year

Welcome to the obligatory podcast-format beginning-of-the-year roundup of what we’re looking forward to! I’m joined for this session of eager anticipation by, as always, Chris Caskie of CCaskieArt.

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Enjoy the podcast in video and audio formats below:

And hit the jump for show notes!

This week, Chris and I talk 2021 — specifically, what games we’re looking forward to playing. That doesn’t necessarily mean games that are coming out in 2021, though our discussion does inevitably bend off in that direction. Remember, good games are forever — a great experience doesn’t stop being relevant due to what year it is!

Before all that, though, we talk through the news that came up as the year ticked over. There’s not a huge amount to discuss, but there are a few interesting nuggets of information — like the upcoming Capcom Arcade Stadium for Nintendo Switch, the resurrection of 16-bit and PC gaming giant MicroProse and whatever it might be that SNK is planning with its supposedly new console.

We also, as usual, talk about what we’ve been playing recently. Chris has been taking on Monkey Barrels, which is as delightful as it sounds — more on that on the site soon — while I’ve been playing some original Xbox stuff plus Nippon Ichi’s Penny-Punching Princess.

We then dive in to the main discussion of the day: what’s on our gaming radar for the next 12 months. Quite a bit, as it happens — and a lot of it is actually falling in the first part of the year. Whether it’s Gal*Gun Returns, Poison Control, Kaze and the Wild Masks or one of the many other titles that have caught our respective eyes, one thing’s for sure: 2021’s got a whole heap of great games waiting for us to enjoy. And that’s not even thinking about the dreaded backlog…

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