Sunday Driving: One Last Push – Split/Second #11

It’s the penultimate episode of Split/Second!

Yes, this time around we do our best to get into a good position to enter the final episode of the season. There’s a championship to win, and I’m damned if I’m going to let any of those Elite bastards rain on my parade!

Hit the jump to see how today’s races went.

It’s an Elimination-heavy episode this time around, with two of the timed challenges ahead of us, along with a more conventional race and a Survival (aka “Trucky Bastard”) event.

We’re at a point in the game now where we have some really good cars and it’s helping to keep us competitive even in the most challenging of events. But will it be enough to take the top spot when it really matters…?

Find out next week in the thrilling (yes, thrilling) finale!

More about Split/Second

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Driving: One Last Push – Split/Second #11”

  1. Definitely had a great read.

    Great video as well!

    Split/Second is a cool game and the last great work of Black Mountain Studios.

    Shortly after the release of this arcade racing game on 360, PS3, and PC, Disney Interactive Studios had Black Mountain Studios closed.

    Some people who once worked there established new development companies.

    There was a planned sequel for this game, but unfortunately it was cancelled.

    I hope this game will have a remaster for the 8th gen consoles.

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