Zoo Puzzle

Better known as Zoo Keeper in its other incarnations, this is one of the better Bejeweled-alikes thanks to its interesting new twists on the usual match-3 formula.

Developer: Success
Publisher: 505 GameStreet
Available on: PS2 (other versions on web, DS, 3DS, iOS and Android)

Articles about Zoo Puzzle

Puzzler Essentials: Zoo Puzzle - You’ve almost certainly played Zoo Keeper at one point or another over the years. Originally developed as a Web-based game by Tokyo-based animation studio Robot Communications, Zoo Keeper was subsequently ported by developer-publisher Success to a variety of platforms over the years, including Nintendo DS, 3DS, Game Boy Advance, iOS, Android and PlayStation 2. The latter of … Continue reading Puzzler Essentials: Zoo Puzzle

Gameplay video



Oh, Japan!

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