Zoo Keeper

An early arcade game by Taito’s American arm, Zoo Keeper is a mildly psychedelic and very unusual game about area control, dodging coconuts and whacking animals with frying pans. (Or possibly nets. Even the creators weren’t sure.)

Developer: Taito America
Publisher: Taito America
Available on: Arcade, PS2/Xbox/Windows PC (in Taito Legends 2)

Articles about Zoo Keeper

Taito Essentials: Zoo Keeper - The technological constraints of old video games often led to some highly creative experiences. In logical or narrative terms, these games would often make very little sense whatsoever, but taken from a strictly abstract, mechanical perspective, they had the potential to provide extremely compelling, addictive experiences. One such example was 1983’s Zoo Keeper, a game developed by … Continue reading Taito Essentials: Zoo Keeper

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