A short, multi-route and extremely sexually explicit visual novel about what it might be like to be a boy who gets turned into a girl. More pornography than thought-provoking commentary on gender politics, but nonetheless a well-known title from the era with a distinctive sense of style.

Developer: Crowd
Publisher: Peach Princess/JAST USA
Available on: Windows PC (18+)

Articles about X-Change

From The Archives: Man, I Feel Like a Woman… Oh, Wait - What would you do if you suddenly found that you’d changed sex? That’s the core question in Crowd’s X-Change, localized for us Westerners by Peach Princess. At heart, it’s an interesting question and, frankly, one that I have found myself pondering in quieter moments — as, I’m sure, have many of you reading this, regardless of whether … Continue reading From The Archives: Man, I Feel Like a Woman… Oh, Wait


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