Waifu Uncovered

Take on the role of renowned horse-ninja K. Vaio as he attempts to save a bevy of beauties from their “infected clothing” by hurling ninja stars at them until they’re naked.

Developer: One Hand Free Studios
Publisher: One Hand Free Studios
Available on: Windows PC

Articles about Waifu Uncovered

Waifu Uncovered: Return of the Strip ‘Em Up - So it seems that “strip ’em up” is a thing now. I am neither surprised nor particularly upset about this, given that Kaneko’s classic erotic Qix-alike Gals Panic also spawned its own subgenre; it’s just amusing to see this sort of thing happen in the modern day. For the unfamiliar, the strip ’em up, previously … Continue reading Waifu Uncovered: Return of the Strip ‘Em Up

Tips and Tricks

Enable full uncensorship mode by creating a blank text file in the game’s main folder and renaming it to “uncensor.me”. You still have to unlock the uncensor modes by playing the game though!


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