Tropical Liquor

Try and have the best holiday ever… by drinking eight eligible young women under the table. A dating sim-cum-puzzle game combo featuring art by Sayori of Nekopara fame.

Developer: Tentacle Games
Publisher: Sekai Project/Denpasoft
Available on: PC (Steam), free 18+ patch available via Denpasoft

Articles about Tropical Liquor

Puzzler Essentials: Tropical Liquor - For many of you reading this, the words “erotic puzzle game-cum-dating sim with art by Sayori” will doubtless be enough to convince you that Tropical Liquor is worth a shot. For those less familiar with Sayori’s work — or those who simply prefer to think very carefully about every £7.19 purchase they consider making — … Continue reading Puzzler Essentials: Tropical Liquor


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