The Labyrinth of Grisaia

Second in Frontwing’s Grisaia series of visual novels, The Labyrinth of Grisaia features five “After” stories that follow the routes from The Fruit of Grisaia, as well as a deeper delve into protagonist Yuuji’s past. And one hell of a cliffhanger.

Developer: Frontwing
Publisher: Sekai Project, Denpasoft
Available on: Windows PC (all-ages), Windows PC (18+)

Cover Game Articles

Grisaia: Introduction - The Grisaia series is an established classic of the visual novel canon. How did it come to be so well-regarded -- and what on Earth does "Grisaia" mean, anyway?
Grisaia: Makina – The Girl in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time - We see a lot of different sides to Grisaia's resident loli heroine Makina over the course of her various narratives. There's a lot more to this noisy little girl than meets the eye, for sure.
Grisaia: Michiru – The Girl in the Box - Michiru is a fascinating, unusual and memorable character in Grisaia's cast; initially seeming to be there for little more than comic relief, she turns out to be one of the deepest, most complex characters there is.
Grisaia: Yumiko – The Girl Who Learned to Be Loved - Yumiko is one of the most obviously "troubled" members of Grisaia's cast, which makes her personal journey of learning how to accept and give love all the more heartwarming as it comes to fruition.
Grisaia: Sachi and the Maid’s Burden - Sachi from Grisaia may be the perfect maid... but why? What led her to develop this obviously put-on persona? And is it something she and her friends should be worried about?
Grisaia: Amane – The Girl Who Learned to Say Thank You - While The Fruit of Grisaia doesn't have a "true" route as such, it's Amane's path that reveals the most about protagonist Yuuji's past -- as well as giving us some insight into a character who is only hinted at in other scenarios.
Grisaia: Yuuji – The Boy Who Was Broken - The Grisaia series may explore each of its heroines in great detail over the course of its various installments... but ultimately the core story is about protagonist Yuuji, one of the most fascinating characters in the medium.

Other Articles about The Fruit of Grisaia

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