Star Luster

1985 space sim from Namco, originally released for the Famicom in Japan and brought West for the Evercade retro gaming handheld in 2020.

Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Available on: Famicom, Evercade

Articles about Star Luster

The MoeGamer Podcast: Episode 45 – One Hell of a Year - Chris and Pete wrap up the memorable year that was 2020 with a look back on some of the best gaming experiences they've each had. Plus the usual news and "what we've been playing" talk.
short;Play: Star Ixiom - You may recall that recently I enthused about Namco’s Star Luster, a Famicom space sim that finally got a Western release on the Evercade retro gaming platform. There’s a video, too. Well, today we’re looking at the official sequel to Star Luster. It took a very long time to show up, being a title for the … Continue reading short;Play: Star Ixiom
Star Ixiom: Still Shining - Let’s take a moment to catch up. Star Luster is a space combat game by Namco, originally released for Famicom in 1985. Despite it being an obvious homage to an incredibly popular Western game — Atari’s Star Raiders — it never came West. 35 years later, Star Luster finally got a worldwide release as part … Continue reading Star Ixiom: Still Shining
Evercade A to Z: Star Luster - Given the popularity of Atari’s Star Raiders, it’s surprising that Namco never brought Star Luster, its own take on the early days of the space sim genre, to Western NES owners. Thankfully, we can now enjoy it officially outside of Japan thanks to its release as part of Namco Museum Collection 1, cartridge 02 in the Evercade … Continue reading Evercade A to Z: Star Luster
Star Luster: Namco Does Star Raiders - One of the great things about the Evercade retro gaming handheld is its unofficial mission to bring a variety of overlooked, underappreciated or unlocalised retro gaming titles to a worldwide audience. The publishing partners who have signed up to distribute their games on the platform are seemingly more than happy to jump on board with … Continue reading Star Luster: Namco Does Star Raiders


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