Sisters Royale

Subtitled variously as Five Sisters Under Fire and I’m Being Harassed By Five Sisters And It Sucks, this comedic shoot ’em up from Castle of Shikigami and Elemental Gearbolt creators Alfa System offers interesting mechanics and a varied challenge for casual and hardcore shmup fans alike.

Developer: Alfa System
Publisher: Chorus Worldwide
Available on: PS4, Switch

The game will be getting a limited-run packaged Western release via Strictly Limited Games; preorders open on February 23, 2020.

Articles about Sisters Royale

Sisters Royale: Five Sisters’ Story - Oh no! Seytan (spelled differently, presumably for copyright reasons) is threatening the land with his massive, throbbing evilness. Whatever will we do? Fret not, my friend, for there is a prophecy. There always is a prophecy in situations like this, and indeed this time is no exception. The prophecy states that five sisters will combine … Continue reading Sisters Royale: Five Sisters’ Story


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