Sasuke vs. Commander

A 1980 fixed shooter from SNK, featuring the eponymous hero battling endless hordes of ninjas in an attempt to save the Shogun from a fate worse than having to listen to people arguing about whether pirates or ninjas are “better” for the fifteen thousandth time.

Developer: SNK
Publisher: SNK
Available on: Arcade

Articles about Sasuke vs. Commander

SNK Essentials: Sasuke vs. Commander - Ozma Wars isn’t the only very early SNK title to feature in the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection — we also have an unusual fixed shooter from a year later: Sasuke vs. Commander. Like Ozma Wars before it, Sasuke vs. Commander is another game of possible “firsts” in gaming — and also a game that doesn’t get much acknowledgement today, … Continue reading SNK Essentials: Sasuke vs. Commander
SNK 40th Anniversary Collection: (Almost) Perfect Preservation - As the years advance and old gaming hardware and media gets more expensive, harder to find and even more difficult to maintain, the matter of gaming preservation is of increasing importance. I’ve previously talked about how emulation and ROM archives have an important role to play in all this — in spite of interference from … Continue reading SNK 40th Anniversary Collection: (Almost) Perfect Preservation


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