Rolling Thunder 2

Leila Blitz and Albatross team up to take on a resurrected threat to the safety of the world. Neither of them know how to fire a gun while jumping. Sequel to Rolling Thunder, and available as part of Namco Museum on Switch.

Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Available on: Various

Articles about Rolling Thunder 2

Rolling Thunder 2: Leila Takes the Lead - Rolling Thunder is a classic Namco title with good reason. Its slower pace, methodical gameplay and learnable patterns make it an obvious precursor to the stealth games of today. Its 1990 sequel offers more of the same in many ways — but with considerably enhanced visuals, refined mechanics and presentation and an all-new option to … Continue reading Rolling Thunder 2: Leila Takes the Lead
Switch Essentials: Namco Museum - Interestingly, for a shiny modern piece of technology, one of the most appealing things about Nintendo’s Switch is the amount of retro gaming funtimes that can be had on the platform. While at the time of writing the system is yet to launch a Virtual Console service similar to that found on its two predecessors … Continue reading Switch Essentials: Namco Museum


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