Riddled Corpses EX

A combination of twin-stick and bullet hell shoot ’em ups, featuring a lovely 16-bit pixel art aesthetic, lots of zombies and a ton of longevity. This “EX” version features a swathe of enhancements over the original PC version of the game.

Developer: Diabolical Mind/Cowcat Games
Publisher: Cowcat Games
Available on: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One

Articles about Riddled Corpses EX

Shmup Essentials: Riddled Corpses EX - You know sometimes you just see a game and think “I’m going to enjoy this?” That was very much me and Riddled Corpses EX. There was something about the game’s excellent use of convincing 16-bit style pixel art and the suggestion that it would incorporate two of my favourite shmup subgenres — bullet hell and … Continue reading Shmup Essentials: Riddled Corpses EX


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