Red Bow

Third game from pixel-art psychological horror specialist Stranga Games; a short-form exploration of attitudes towards mortality, and the desire for a “second chance”.

Developer: Stranga Games
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Available on: PC, PS4/Vita Cross-Buy, Xbox One, Switch

Articles about Red Bow

Just Ignore Them: Ah, Real Monsters - Those who keep an eye on the indie sphere (or indeed those of you who have been reading MoeGamer recently) may well already be familiar with one-man development team Stranga Games. Just Ignore Them is his debut game, and it’s clearly something of a passion project. While in many ways it’s noticeably clunkier than its successors My … Continue reading Just Ignore Them: Ah, Real Monsters
Red Bow: Older Than Water, Stubborn as Stone - One-man development team Stranga Games has been quietly establishing himself as one to watch in the world of independently developed psychological horror games, presented in gorgeous lo-fi pixel art. At the time of writing, Red Bow is the latest in a series of games with a loose thematic link to them, following Just Ignore Them and My Big Sister. And, … Continue reading Red Bow: Older Than Water, Stubborn as Stone


Ending Guide

I’m just going to give the specific requirements for the endings — you’ll have to figure out the rest yourself!

Bad ending

  • Chapter 1: Put Roh’s pendant on the debris when Kubi asks for your “answer”.
  • Chapter 2: After meeting Kokai for the first time, search the front shelves inside the shop for oil. Return to Kokai and use the oil in front of him. When Minikui leaves the storage room for the second time, follow her to where Kokai is, wait for Kokai to distract her, then use the lighter on the oil.
  • Chapter 3: Complete the chapter by giving the rum to Shojo. Do not speak to Umbi a second time.

Normal ending

Fulfil any combination of requirements for both the Bad and Good endings — e.g. do Chapter 1’s Bad ending requirement, and Chapter 2 and 3’s Good ending requirements.

Good ending

  • Chapter 1: After finding the photo in Akira’s trash, return to where you started the chapter and pick up the red ribbon. Give the red ribbon to Kubi to finish the chapter.
  • Chapter 2: When Minikui leaves the storage room for the second time, examine the photos on the wall outside the storage room and apartment. Show the photo to Minikui and Kokai in the sewers.
  • Chapter 3: Do not give the rum to Shojo, speak to him instead. Then return to Umbi and speak to him again.

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