Parasol Stars

The third game in the Bubble Bobble series sees Bubby and Bobby fighting off hordes of enemies armed only with their trusty umbrellas.

Developer: Taito, Ocean
Publisher: Taito, Ocean
Available on: PC Engine/Turbografx-16, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, NES, Game Boy

Articles about Parasol Stars

Retro Select: Parasol Stars - The Atari ST version of Parasol Stars may have been perfectly competent, but if you want the true experience, you should go back to where it all began: the PC Engine version. Yes, unlike the previous two games in the Bubble Bobble series, Parasol Stars actually originated on a home platform. And that original PC Engine version of this … Continue reading Retro Select: Parasol Stars
Atari ST A to Z: Parasol Stars - A lot of people forget that there’s a third Bubble Bobble game — or, as this port puts it, a second Rainbow Islands game. But Parasol Stars from Taito is very much a thing that exists — and moreover, it got a very competent port to Atari ST thanks to Ocean Software. While the PC Engine original … Continue reading Atari ST A to Z: Parasol Stars
Parasol Stars: The Bubble Bobble Everyone Forgets - At the time of writing, the world is gearing up for a fourth official installment in the Bubble Bobble series. Wait a minute, I hear you ask, fourth? What happened to the third? I don’t judge you too harshly for asking this question; I know some people who weren’t even aware that Rainbow Islands was the second Bubble Bobble game, … Continue reading Parasol Stars: The Bubble Bobble Everyone Forgets


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