Mad Rat Dead

A blend of rhythm game and side-scrolling platformer from the man who brought us Yomawari. Prepare to die… a lot — but at least you can enjoy some phat beats while awaiting the inevitable.

Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
Publisher: NIS America
Available on: PS4, Switch

Articles about Mad Rat Dead

Mad Rat Dead: Prepare to Die - One of the best things about Nippon Ichi Software is the company’s willingness to take some risks and put out some highly creative, artistic titles alongside its longstanding cash cow franchises. A reliable source of these fascinating “B-tier Nippon Ichi” titles is designer Yu Mizokami who, to date, has given us the Yomawari series of horror … Continue reading Mad Rat Dead: Prepare to Die
short;Play: Mad Rat Dead - I love Nippon Ichi Software. Over the years they’ve provided some fantastic games, and they rarely stick to what’s “safe”; their games are, in many cases, some of the most joyfully experimental, mechanically rich titles out there. A great example is new release Mad Rat Dead, which combines electro swing-fuelled rhythm action with tricky platforming, a surprisingly … Continue reading short;Play: Mad Rat Dead


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