PSP launch title, formidable falling block puzzler and one of Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s many synaesthetic games, Lumines is a classic everyone should play.

Developer: Q Entertainment
Publisher: Bandai, Ubisoft
Available on: PSP

Articles about Lumines

Puzzler Essentials: Lumines - There’s been an unwritten rule ever since the days of the Game Boy that every major new handheld system must launch with at least one awesome puzzle game. Sony’s PlayStation Portable was no exception, launching with the wonderful Lumines (pronounced “luminous”, not “loo-mines”, as I’ve heard some people call it), a game that combined the familiar style … Continue reading Puzzler Essentials: Lumines
Puzzler Essentials: Gunpey - There’s something about handheld systems that just makes puzzle games feel right. The PlayStation Portable was no stranger to games of this type, of course, what with the excellent Lumines being a launch title for the system and a wide variety of other brainteasers making solid appearances on the platform over the subsequent years. One of the most … Continue reading Puzzler Essentials: Gunpey


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