Just Ignore Them

First of Stranga Games’ pixel-art horror adventures. Follow the fortunes of Mark as he attempts to come to terms with the trauma of his childhood… and the fact his past appears to literally be pursuing him.

Developer: Stranga Games
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Available on: PC, PS4/Vita Cross-Buy, Xbox One, Switch

Articles about Just Ignore Them

Just Ignore Them: Ah, Real Monsters - Those who keep an eye on the indie sphere (or indeed those of you who have been reading MoeGamer recently) may well already be familiar with one-man development team Stranga Games. Just Ignore Them is his debut game, and it’s clearly something of a passion project. While in many ways it’s noticeably clunkier than its successors My … Continue reading Just Ignore Them: Ah, Real Monsters


Tips and Tricks

Bad ending

To get the Bad ending, just ignore at least one of the steps for the Good ending. If Dave isn’t present when you enter the final room, you’ve got the Good ending. If he is, you’ve got the Bad ending.

Good ending

  • Don’t tell Mary about your troubles
  • Don’t give the tape to Ol’ Bill
  • Don’t tell Brea you love Mary
  • Don’t shoot Neason
  • Don’t have sex with Brea

Cracking the safe code

There’s a safe right at the end of the game that you can only open if you solved an optional puzzle in the prologue. The safe allows access to the secret “Tapes”.

During Mark’s childhood, most of the events are tied to the time displayed on his alarm clock, which is ten minutes fast. If there’s a number etched under something, it will unlock when the clock shows ten minutes later than that time — e.g. the “820” lock will open at 8:30.

To reliably advance the clock, get the lavender from the bin in the kitchen, get the stepladder from the cupboard under the microwave (be careful not to click the microwave instead) and get the screwdriver from the dresser on the landing. Put the lavender in the mousehole, use the stepladder on the wall and use the screwdriver on the vent.

Pass through the vent to advance time until you can 1) open the drawer in Mark’s bedroom and 2) open the slot inside the vent. Combine the two parts of the photo you get from this and insert them into the photo frame in Mom’s study to get the code. Make sure you do this before entering Mom’s bedroom once you get the key.

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