Formula 1 97

Second game developed by Bizarre Creations under that name, their second game developed for the PlayStation platform, and the second game where they showed their prowess at making accessible, satisfying racing titles — with the pressure of a huge license, to boot. Sound familiar?

Developer: Bizarre Creations
Publisher: Psygnosis, Sony
Available on: PlayStation


Combat Crazy: The Genesis of Bizarre Creations - The story of Bizarre Creations begins back in the '80s, with the formation of a small development group inspired by Martyn Chudley's love of Iron Maiden. And their first game would be Combat Crazy, a solid and enjoyable game that proved to be a commercial failure.
The Killing Game Show: The Only Way is Up - Powerslave Developments begat Raising Hell Software -- and from there we saw Martyn Chudley's second commercial release. The Killing Game Show was a solid platform shooter published by Psygnosis -- albeit one with a monstrous difficulty curve!
Wiz ‘n’ Liz: Hunting Wabbits for Fun and Profit - Several years after The Killing Game Show, Chudley and friends were back with another pretty 16-bit platformer that went by the name of Wiz 'n' Liz. And it was a very different kind of experience to what had come before, offering non-violent, speedy arcade-style gameplay!
Formula 1: Bizarre Creations’ True Beginning - The first game with the Bizarre Creations name on it was also the first game where they got to prove their talent for developing great racing games. And with the pressure of one of the world's biggest licenses in motorsport, no less!
Formula 1 97: Racing, Refined - A year after Formula 1 for PlayStation, Bizarre Creations went and did it again, but better. But how exactly do you top a game that was already doing great things in its genre -- apart from adding more Murray Walker?
Fur Fighters: Bizarre Gets Blasting - Fur Fighters was one of two projects Bizarre Creations originally developed for Dreamcast around the turn of the century. While their racer Metropolis Street Racer is much more well-known, don't sleep on this one!

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