Fitness Fun

Volume 18 of the Simple 2000 Ultimate series for PlayStation 2, and also known as Love*Aerobi in Japan. Help aspiring idol Riho Futaba develop her dancing skills and enjoy the sight of her in various form-hugging outfits in the process.

Developer: Tamsoft, HuneX
Publisher: D3 Publisher
Available on: PS2

Articles about Fitness Fun

PS2 Essentials: Fitness Fun - Ah, what could possibly be better than the charming jank of the Simple 2000 series on PlayStation 2? Why, the Simple 2000 Ultimate series, of course! Yes, indeed, not content with 123 volumes of low-budget, experimental and weird titles, D3 Publisher decided to put out another range of 34 games under the “Ultimate” branding. Exactly what makes … Continue reading PS2 Essentials: Fitness Fun




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