Fairune 2

It’s Fairunebut more. Much, much more. The appearance of a cutesy top-down Zelda-like conceals a rather devious puzzle adventure with an imaginative world and compelling mechanics.

Developer: Skipmore
Publisher: Flyhigh Works
Available on: PC, 3DS, Switch

Articles about Fairune 2

Fairune 2: It’s Exactly What It Looks Like - After the first Fairune successfully proved that you can make something that looks convincingly like an action RPG into a two-hour puzzle adventure, the natural next step for creator Yuumi “Skipmore” Kimura was to go bigger. With that in mind, Fairune 2 is a considerably expanded affair over its predecessor, but maintains the same compelling, enjoyable and … Continue reading Fairune 2: It’s Exactly What It Looks Like


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