Death end re;Quest

Explore a corrupted MMO and figure out its mysteries in this dimension-hopping, genre-bending RPG from Idea Factory and Compile Heart’s Galapagos project.

Developer: Compile Heart (Galapagos RPG)
Publisher: Idea Factory International
Available on: PS4

Cover Game Articles

Death end re;Quest: Introduction - An introduction to Death end re;Quest, one of the most unusual -- and best -- games to come out of Compile Heart's Galapagos RPG project.
Death end re;Quest: Where Does the Game End and the World Begin? - Taking a look at how Death end re;Quest delivers its story by spanning two worlds and featuring markedly different mechanical components in each.
Death end re;Quest: The Art of Fighting - Examining Death end re;Quest's battle mechanics, and how they explore the game's isekai-inspired concept of being trapped in a video game in new and creative ways.
Death end re;Quest: Down the Rabbit Hole - Exploring Death end re;Quest's fascinating narrative, including how it blends elements from a wide variety of different influences to create a very distinctive, dark experience.

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Tips and Tricks

Flash Drive skills

In Death end re;Quest, you unlock new skills for your characters by using particular combinations of existing skills, known as a Flash Drive. When you find a combo that may trigger a Flash Drive, a lightbulb icon will appear in the command menu along with a percentage chance of success.

This chance will increase as you level up, so if you’re struggling to unlock a particular skill, gain some levels until the chance is higher. Levelling is very fast up until 60, at which point it will slow to a crawl, so try and reach this milestone as soon as you can.

Here are all the unlockable skills, with thanks to and GameFAQS:


Rokudein, Rokudein, unlocks Rokudian
Trally Bloom, Trally Bloom unlocks Trally Sharp
Trally Sharp, Trally Sharp unlocks Trally Shield
Meti, Metic unlocks Metinark
Metinark, Metinark unlocks Metistar
Metistar, Metistar unlocks Metimatil
Metimatil, Metimatil unlocks Metimavert
Lunamissimo, Lunamissimo, Lunamissimo unlocks Lunamispolo
Lunamispolo, Lunamispolo unlocks Lunamis Diapathy
Lunamis Diapathy, Lunamis Diapathy, Lunamis Diapathy unlocks Lunamis Imization
Lunamis Diapathy, Metimavert unlocks Roku Anaspi
Lunamis, Trally Shield unlocks Kalas Minas Anijin
Ache, Stark, Lunamis, unlocks Achewave


Vizstar, Vizstar unlocks Vizstar Hans
Vizstar Hans, Vizstar Hans unlocks Vizstar Sauza
Vizstar Sauza, Vizstar Sauza, Vizstar Sauza unlocks Vizstar Billion
Vizstar, Vizstar Billion unlocks Vizstar Sting
Metinfris, Metinfris unlocks Metin Wint
Revive, Metinfris unlocks Resurrect
Metin Wint, Metin Wint unlocks Meti
Meti, Meti unlocks Metias
Metias, Metias unlocks Metic
Metic, Metic unlocks Metibens
Metibens, Metibens unlocks Metid
Metid, Metid unlocks Meti Pulebe
Debricave, Debricave unlocks Manafont
Meti Light Order, Metinfris unlocks Icarus Heel
Meti Light Order, Icarus Heel unlocks Icarus Dash
Manafont, Metinfris unlocks Medisorder
Manafont, Medisorder unlocks Sacrifice


Sol Pro, Sol Strike unlocks Stark and later Luna
Sol Pro, Sol Strike unlocks Sol Spear
Sol Spear, Sol Spear, Sol Spear unlocks Sol Lance
Sol Lance, Sol Lance unlocks Sol Eruption
Sol Pro, Sol Pro unlocks Sol Promine
Sol Strike, Def Park unlocks Def Pant
Def Pant, Sol Pro unlocks Parfait Moon
Stark, Stark unlocks Stareig
Stareig, Stareig, Stareig unlocks Star Vezerg
Sol Promine, Sol Promine unlocks Sol Plosion
Def Park, Kachi Parense unlocks Meti Eltar
Def Park, Meti Eltar unlocks Kachi Pakatsu
Kachi Pakatsu, Def Park unlocks Kachi Shield
Sol Spear, Kachi Shield unlocks Sol Elapse
Luna, Luna unlocks Lunamerk
Lunamerk, Lunamerk, Lunamerk unlocks Lunarock


Blue Bullet, Blue Bullet unlocks Cobalt Bullet
Cobalt Bullet, Cobalt Bullet unlocks Cerulean Bullet
Cerulean Bullet, Cerulean Bullet, Cerulean Bullet unlocks Azure Bullet
Moon Flash, Moon Flash unlocks Moon Beam
Moon Beam, Moon Flash unlocks Ache Flare
Ache Flare, Ache Flare unlocks Achedial
Achedial, Achedial, Achedial unlocks X Bundle
Ache Flare, Blue Bullet unlocks Shooting Star
Shooting Star, Shooting Star unlocks Starwell
Starwell, Starwell, Starwell unlocks Starbeam
Moon Beam, Moon Beam unlocks Moon Laser
Moon Laser, Moon Laser, Moon Laser unlocks Quake Shatterer
Divine Bind, Divine Bind unlocks Divine Heal
Divine Heal, Divine Heal unlocks Divine Protection
All Lives Hardened, Divine Protection, Divine Protection unlocks Divine Heal (All)
Divine Bind, All Lives Hardened, All Lives Hardened unlocks All Lives Restored
All Lives Hardened, Blue Bullet unlocks All Lives Revived
All Lives Hardened, Liffy Venog unlocks Liffy Streak
Liffy Streak, Liffy Streak unlocks Liffy Bank
Liffy Bank, Liffy Bank unlocks Liffy Kichic
Liffy Kichic, Liffy Kichic unlocks Liffy Spenk


Phoenix Tune, Phoenix Tune unlocks Phoenia
Phoenia, Phoenia, Phoenia unlocks Phoenix Ray
Therapeak, Therapeak unlocks Pure Therapy
Phoenix Tune, Ache Flare unlocks Magifacture
Phoenix Tune, Ache Flare unlocks Shooting Star (after learning Magifacture)
Shooting Star, Shooting Star unlocks Starwell
Starwell, Starwell unlocks Starbeam
Phoenix Tune, Shooting Star unlocks Lunario
Lunario, Lunario unlocks Lunadyre
Lunadyre, Lunadyre unlocked Luna Gundoll
Phoenix Tune, Phoenix Ray unlocks Solar Flare
Solar Flare, Solar Flare unlocks Solar Rock
Solar Rock, Solar Rock unlocks Solar Pyre
Solar Pyre, Solar Pyre unlocks Solar Beam
Solar Beam, Solar Beam unlocks Solar State
Solar State, Solar State unlocks Solar Seal
Solar Seal, Solar Seal unlocks X Bundle
Pure Therapy, Therapeak unlocks Deathstroke Therapy
Deathstroke Therapy, Therapeak unlocks Therapy de Magius
Therapy de Magius, Therapeak unlocks Theranoir
Theranoir, Theranoir unlocks Therapis Wence


Aster, Aster unlocks Asteria
Asteria, Asteria unlocks Aster Palza
Aster Palza, Asteria, Aster unlocks Star Vezerg
Aster Palza, Asteria, Aster unlocks Achefire (after learning Star Vezerg)
Aster Palza, Asteria, Aster unlocks Lunarock (after learning Star Vezerg and Achefire)
Meti, Meti, Meti unlocks Liffy Venog
Liffy Venog, Liffy Venog, Liffy Venog unlocks Liffy Streak
Liffy Streak, Liffy Streak, Liffy Streak unlocks Liffy Bank
Liffy Bank, Liffy Bank, Liffy Bank unlocks Liffy Kichic
Liffy Kichic, Liffy Kichic, Liffy Kichic unlocks Liffy Spenk
Liffy Spenk, Liffy Spenk, Liffy Spenk unlocks Metic
Metic, Metic, Metic unlocks Metid
Metid, Metid, Metid unlocks Meti Pulebe
Meti Pulebe, Meti Pulebe, Meti Pulebe unlocks Metialc
Metialc, Metialc, Metialc unlocks Metial Wake
Metial Wake, Metial Wake, Metial Wake unlocks Metial Neir
Metial Neir, Metial Neir, Metial Neir unlocks Metial Veet
Meti, Metial Wake unlocks Metias
Metias, Metias, Metias unlocks Metibens
Hone Power, Aster unlocks Over Aegis
Meti, Revive unlocks Alice Revive
Comet Faye, Comet Faye unlocks Comet Fang

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