Volume 5 of the Simple 2000 series for PlayStation 2, Also known as The Block Kuzushi Hyper in Japan. This is a block-breaker with a few added mechanics: the ability to “nudge” the play area pinball-style, and to return the ball in several different ways.

Developer: Tamsoft
Publisher: D3 Publisher/Midas Interactive
Available on: PS2

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PS2 Essentials: Bust-a-Bloc - In many cases the games that are part of D3 Publisher’s sprawling budget-price Simple Series are enjoyably experimental, while in others they simply represent traditional gaming genres brought up to date with modern (for the time) visuals and sound. Bust-a-Bloc, or The Block Kuzushi Hyper as it was known in Japan, occupies a space somewhere between these … Continue reading PS2 Essentials: Bust-a-Bloc

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