Bullet Girls Phantasia

Posh girls shoot fantasy monsters in another world. What’s not to like about that?

Developer: Shade
Publisher: PQube
Available on: PlayStation 4

Cover Game Articles

Shade: A Brief History - Investigating the history of the developer Shade and its origins as Quintet, a developer known for unusual and memorable takes on established genres.
Gun Gun Pixies: Tiny Girls, Huge Hearts - Exploring Shade's Gun Gun Pixies, including how it subverts mechanical expectations and uses the conventions of third-person shooters to build a strong narrative world with something to say.
Bullet Girls Phantasia: Enlisting for Duty - A look at the mechanics of Shade's Bullet Girls Phantasia, and how it's a uniquely Japanese take on the third-person shooter genre.
Bullet Girls Phantasia: The Art of Erotica - Looking at the definition of erotica versus that of pornography, and exploring how Shade's Bullet Girls Phantasia definitely falls into the former category.
Bullet Girls Phantasia: A Tale of Three Worlds - Exploring the narrative of Shade's Bullet Girls Phantasia, including how it draws influences from Norse mythology and blends this with modern fantasy and military action.

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