Baku Baku Animal

Also known simply as Baku Baku in some regions, this simple versus puzzler from Sega tasks you with dropping foodstuffs and animal heads into a pit, positioning them in such a way that the latter will eat the former.

Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Available on: Windows 95 PC, Saturn, Master System, Game Gear, Arcade

Articles about Baku Baku Animal

Puzzler Essentials: Baku Baku Animal - Today’s puzzle game of choice is one that there is, unfortunately, no real easy way to get hold of legally any more, but it holds extremely fond memories for me regardless. The game in question is Sega’s Baku Baku Animal, which I first came into contact with back in 1997 when I was doing my Year 10 … Continue reading Puzzler Essentials: Baku Baku Animal



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