Alisia Dragoon

A 16-bit action platformer in which you control a powerful young dragon-toting sorceress as she attempts to finish the job her father started.

Developer: Game Arts
Publisher: Sega
Available on: Mega Drive
Original release date: 1992

Articles about Alisia Dragoon

Mega Drive Essentials: Alisia Dragoon - Sega’s Mega Drive console — or the Genesis to those of you in the States — was a wonderful machine. In many ways, it started the process of making gaming “cool”, and laid the groundwork for Sony’s solid efforts to make our whole form of entertainment a lot more mainstream with the first PlayStation. But … Continue reading Mega Drive Essentials: Alisia Dragoon


Localisation Notes

The Western versions had completely different, non-anime cover art, as well as some changes in the narrative setup to the game as a whole.

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