Alice in Wonderland

One of several licensed games Digital Eclipse put out for Game Boy Colour in its early days, adapting the classic Disney movie into a multi-genre game with beautiful animation.

Developer: Digital Eclipse
Publisher: Disney Interactive
Available on: Game Boy Colour

Articles about Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland: Curiously Entertaining - When I’m tired, bored, depressed or, most commonly, a combination of all three, there’s something that I occasionally like to do. Once I’ve cleaned up the mess from doing that, I like to delve into what I will euphemistically refer to as my vast collection of digitally preserved retro video games and pick something at … Continue reading Alice in Wonderland: Curiously Entertaining
Death end re;Quest: Down the Rabbit Hole - Exploring Death end re;Quest's fascinating narrative, including how it blends elements from a wide variety of different influences to create a very distinctive, dark experience.


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