The Squadron of Shame SquadCast

Born on the Radio boards and subsequently expanded to the Internet at large, the Squadron of Shame SquadCast ran between 2008 and 2013 and featured lively discussion on the subject of a wide variety of video games — particularly those which had been overlooked or underappreciated.

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SquadCast 1.1: The Shivah – The Squad takes on Dave Gilbert’s rabbinical adventure game, The Shivah.

SquadCast 1.2: Another World – The Squad explores Eric Chahi’s seminal classic Another World, aka Out of this World, one of the first ever “cinematic” games.

SquadCast 1.3: Grim Fandango – The Squad takes some time to enjoy classic LucasArts adventure Grim Fandango.

SquadCast 1.4 – The Squad delves into the mist to explore the mysterious world of Silent Hill 2.

SquadCast 1.5: Beyond Good and Evil – The Squad explores Ubisoft’s unusual Zelda-like, Beyond Good and Evil.

SquadCast 1.6: Star Control II – The *campers* delve into the classic *stimulation* that is Star Control II.

SquadCast 1.7: Okami – The Squad gets back to nature with Clover’s classic action adventure.

SquadCast 1.8: Yakuza – The Squad tackles the Yakuza series… as it existed back in 2008, anyway!

SquadCast 1.9: Star Wars – Republic Commando – The Squad plays the best Star Wars game.

SquadCast 1.10: The Fallout Series – The Squad doesn’t want to set the world on fire.

SquadCast 1.11: The 2008 Retro-Spectacular – The Squad looks back on a packed and exciting 2008.

SquadCast 1.12: No Shame – Today, the Squadron has no Shame.

SquadCast 1.13: Sam and Max – The Squad enjoys some classic adventuring with Steve Purcell’s dynamic duo.

SquadCast 1.14: Game Music – The Squad kicks back and relaxes with some great music.

SquadCast 1.15: Eternal Darkness – The Squad explores classic survival horror title Eternal Darkness.

SquadCast 1.16: 8-Bit Computer Retrospectacular – The older members of the Squad educate the young ‘uns about the joy of the Commodore 64 and its peers.

SquadCast 1.17: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis – The Squad takes on an all-time favourite LucasArts adventure… and discovers “talkie” isn’t always the way to go.

SquadCast 1.18: Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden – Slam with the best or jam with the rest.

SquadCast 1.19: The Dig Retrospective – A look back on the LucasArts-Steven Spielberg collaboration.

Squadron of Shame 1.20: Homeworld – The Squad takes on the classic spaceborne strategy game.

SquadCast 1.21: Pathologic – The Squad challenges the most depressing game of all time.

SquadCast 1.22: Uncharted – The Squad shoots a bunch of dudes and lets out a few one-liners.

SquadCast 1.23: Deus Ex – The Squad hack into a mainframe, then tuck into a candy bar they found in the trash.

SquadCast 1.24: 2009 in Review – The Squad looks back on the fun and games of 2009.

SquadCast 1.25: Pack a Lunch – The Squad records a really long podcast.

SquadCast 1.26: Machinarium – The Squad takes on the wordless puzzle adventure, Machinarium.

SquadCast 1.27: Heavy Rain – The Squad talks about David Cage’s magnum opus.

SquadCast 1.28: Persona 3 – BABY BABY BABY BABY

SquadCast 1.XX: LostWinds – A small group of Squaddies gather for a short chat about WiiWare title LostWinds.

SquadCast 2.1: Hot Shit – The Squad kicks off a new topic-based season of discussion with a game of “Hot Shit or Horseshit”.

SquadCast 2.2: Cheap Fu – An inadvertent typo leads to a favourite new term for inexpensive games.

SquadCast 2.3: Japanicide – Who killed Japanese gaming… for Jeff?

SquadCast 2.4: Squadron of Sound – The Squad is joined by composer Chris Tilton for a talk about game music.

SquadCast 2.5: I’m Right, You’re Wrong – The Squad gets down to some good old-fashioned arguing.

SquadCast 2.6: Grand Finale – The Squad chats about their favourite game endings.

SquadCast 2.7: Shot To The Head – The Squad chat about video game violence, and Jeff gets angry about Fable III.

SquadCast 2.X: Deputy Willie’s One Tough Chap! – The Squad tackles SWERY’s classic Deadly Premonition.

SquadCast 3.1: The Man’s Way – The Squad talks game difficulty and pacing.

SquadCast 3.2: Everything But the Game – The Squad addresses the thorny topic of downloadable content.

SquadCast 3.3: We Are the World – Look away from that minimap once in a while, the Squad says, and you might be surprised what you see.

SquadCast 3.4: The Squadron of Shame Review of 2011: A Big Bowl o’ Podcast – The Squad looks back on all the happenings of 2011.

SquadCast 3.5: Katawa Shoujo – The Squad explores the unusual tale behind the visual novel Katawa Shoujo.

SquadCast 3.6: Squad Primer: The JRPG – The Squad talks Japanese role-playing games.

SquadCast 3.7: Nier – The Squad talks about Taro Yoko’s classic… back when no-one knew what it was or saw it for the genius it is.

SquadCast 3.8: Quest for Glory – The Squad explores the Coles’ series of classic role-playing adventures.

SquadCast 3.9: The Squadron of Shame HorrorCast – The Squad gets spooooooky for Halloween.

SquadCast 3.10: Spec Ops: The Line – The Squad explores Yager’s bizarre deconstruction of the military shooter.

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