VenusBlood Frontier

A Kickstarter-funded localisation of Ninetail/Dualtail’s epic Norse mythology-inspired strategy RPG from 2012, featuring potential heirs to the Demon Emperor’s throne battling to claim the Heart of Yggdrasil for themselves. Expect complex, challenging strategic action and the potential for “goddess corruption” as your campaign proceeds.

Developer: Ninetail/Dualtail
Publisher: JAST USA
Available on: PC

Articles about VenusBlood Frontier

VenusBlood Frontier: Divine Conquest - If you are one of the many people disappointed in the recent news surrounding Sony cracking down on content with even the slightest whiff of “adultness” about it, you need to start paying attention to the Japanese PC games market if you’re not already. Parallel to all the kerfuffle  surrounding the cancellation of Omega Labyrinth Z and … Continue reading VenusBlood Frontier: Divine Conquest


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