Soulcalibur (Series)

Namco’s long-running tale of souls and swords, featuring one-on-one weapon-based combat, the famous “8-way run” system and a variety of iconic characters. The soul most certainly still burns. Preceded by Soul Blade/Soul Edge.

Developer: Project Soul (Namco)
Publisher: Namco
Available on: Various

Articles about Soulcalibur

Waifu Wednesday: Ivy Valentine - I have two confessions to make: one, I haven’t played a Soulcalibur game since… II, I think? And two, Ivy… doesn’t really “do” it for me. I’m talking a fairly comprehensive package of “not doing it for me”, too; I’m not big into how she is depicted personality-wise, I have no idea how to play … Continue reading Waifu Wednesday: Ivy Valentine


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