Rhythm Paradise

Also known as Rhythm Heaven, Rhythm Tengoku Gold and Rhythm World around the globe, this is a simple but enormously addictive rhythm game for Nintendo DS that demands you listen as much as you watch. Featuring art by Ko Takeuchi.

Developer: Nintendo SPD
Publisher: Nintendo
Available on: Nintendo DS

Articles about Rhythm Paradise

Wii Essentials: Beat the Beat – Rhythm Paradise - With how well-received 2009’s DS title Rhythm Paradise was, it was only a matter of time before the series made the jump to home consoles — and the Wii was, of course, the perfect fit. Since Nintendo’s unconventional but immensely popular console catered to a broad demographic almost identical to that of the DS, it … Continue reading Wii Essentials: Beat the Beat – Rhythm Paradise
Nintendo DS Essentials: Rhythm Paradise - I’ve liked rhythm games ever since I played Bust-a-Groove on the PlayStation. And I particularly like rhythm games that do something a little bit… odd. Nintendo’s 2009 title Rhythm Paradise (aka Rhythm Heaven, Rhythm Tengoku Gold or Rhythm World depending on where in the world you are) is certainly very odd indeed at first glance… but it’s also an incredibly solid … Continue reading Nintendo DS Essentials: Rhythm Paradise


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