Phantasy Star

First in Sega’s sci-fi RPG series, and a direct competitor to both Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Also spawned one of the most anticipated online RPGs of all time!

Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Available on: Master System, Mega Drive, PlayStation 2 (JP only), Game Boy Advance (as part of Phantasy Star Collection), Nintendo Switch (as Sega Ages Phantasy Star)

Articles about Phantasy Star

Sega Ages Phantasy Star – Classic Dungeon Crawling, Modern Conveniences - Although at the time of writing a lot of people are super-excited for the impending PC release of Phantasy Star Online 2, the series as a whole isn’t anywhere near as well-known as the heavy-hitting classics of the RPG genre. Indeed, Phantasy Star as a whole has always been something of a niche interest series — perhaps … Continue reading Sega Ages Phantasy Star – Classic Dungeon Crawling, Modern Conveniences
Waifu Wednesday: Alis Landale - We tend to think of the world of video game protagonists being a boys’ club until Lara Croft came along in 1996… but female protagonists have been around for quite a while longer than that. 1987, for example, gave the world Alis Landale, protagonist of Sega’s first Phantasy Star game. Alis wasn’t a damsel in distress, … Continue reading Waifu Wednesday: Alis Landale
MeiQ: Introduction and History - MeiQ follows the grand tradition of dungeon crawlers with appealing female leads. Let's look back at some classic examples, and how they led us to this Compile Heart title.


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