Mighty Bomb Jack

A 1987 sequel to Tecmo’s 1984 arcade hit, Mighty Bomb Jack expands on the original’s unusual jumping mechanics with scrolling levels, multiple routes, four different endings and a system specifically for punishing greedy players. Can you save KING PAMERA from BELZEBUT?

Developer: Tecmo
Publisher: Tecmo
Available on: Arcade, NES, various contemporary home computers, various ports to modern platforms

Articles about Mighty Bomb Jack

NES Essentials: Mighty Bomb Jack - I’ve always enjoyed games that subvert your expectations in one way or another — be it narratively, mechanically or both. And Tecmo’s Mighty Bomb Jack from 1987 is nothing if not charmingly fast and loose with the definition of what you might expect from a NES-era platform game. I wasn’t familiar with Mighty Bomb Jack back when … Continue reading NES Essentials: Mighty Bomb Jack


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